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  We are a professional manufacturer of solar wind systems and solar powered products for ten years.We have built strong production capacity with different workshops and assembling production lines,produce good quality products with strict quality control system.We have strong R&D engineering team for developing and providing innovative and competitive products to strengthen our product lines continuously  .

     We would  introduce our product ranges for you :
1.Solar wind system:
    Small potable off-grid system from 5w to 200w;solar power system both  grid-tie an
d off-grid system from 500w to 100kw;Wind power system both grid-tie and off-grid available from 150w to 100kw;Solar wind hybrid power system both grid-tie and off-grid from 1000w to 50kw;solar mounting system (roof-mounted and ground-mounted);solar tracking system .

2.Solar powered appliance:
    100% solar powered air conditioner(from 9000btu to 42000btu);solar electric hybrid air conditioner(from 9000btu to     42000btu);solar fridge(from 40liters to 568 liters);solar freezer(from 60 liters to 928 liters);solar fan;solar pump(solar DC & AC irrigating pump ,solar fountain pump);solar water heater;solar wind street light;solar household  lights(solar security light,solar decorative garden light,solar camping light,solar spotlight,solar path maker,solar shed light,solar string light,solar house number,solar fence light,solar umbrella light);solar charger and solar charging kit;solar air purifier;solar air pump.
3.Grid-tie solar inverter & wind inverter,solar controller and wind controller.

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