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Solar 140L DC Freezer System
Product Category: Solar Fridge & Freezer >> Solar DC Freezer System
Product Name: Solar 140L DC Freezer System
Model: SDFZ-140T


Product Description:

The System includes:

1.DC Freezer capacity 140 Liters


3.BATTERY 12V/120AH 





1、DC compressor inside, cools as low as 50 degree Celsius below ambient temperature                            2、This DC appliance can be powered directly by the vehicle's battery, so it is perfect for car use to transfer and keep beverage and fruit            3、By the AC/DC adaptor, this DC freezer can connect AC power for home use                                    4、When input voltage is low, the freezer will automatically cut out to prevent the vehicle's battery being discharged                              5、Both freezer and fridge compartments meet different requirements for food freezing                               6、Strong body made by pure steel.Pre-coated steel and stainless steel are available to choose                                                    7、Environment friendly refrigerant R134a                                  8、High quality polyurethane foam insulation                              9、Internal wire basket makes it easier for loading and viewing of contents


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